Frequently Asked Questions by Travel Kerri

Why should I use a travel agent?  
I have completed numerous training programs, visited numerous destinations, and spent countless hours researching locations, and spent years building relationships with vendors and tour operators in order to guaruntee the knowledge and experience you need when making your vacation plans. The best part? When you book with me, my services are completely FREE. Why would you choose to book a vacation any other way?

Why should I spend the extra money when I can book it cheaper myself online?
As I mentioned above, it will NOT cost you more to book with me. In fact, you may save money at the time of booking and again later on as I provide discount/promotion monitoring as part of my FREE services in order to provide you with the best value. While my packages may not always be the cheapest available, I provide individual, customized, and personal human to human customer service that you cannot always get from online travel providers. When you book with me, you have someone in your corner should anything go wrong. 

Should I purchase travel insurance/trip protection?
YES. While travel insurance is always optional, I cannot emphasize enough just how strongly I recommend purchasing it. Not only does travel insurance cover nonrefundable portions of your trip, it can also provide coverage for unexpected emergencies medical and otherwise. Travel insurance can cover flight delays, medical emergencies, lost baggage and so much more. A signed waiver is required if you choose not to purchase travel insurance to protect your trip investment.

Do I need a passport?
Please visit the U.S. Department of State website for specific passport requirements and for information on how to apply for or renew your passport. As a rule, Travel Kerri suggests having a valid passport for all travel outside of the United States, even on closed loop cruises debarking from and returning to the same port within the USA.

I already booked my vacation. Can I still use your services?
If you did not book with another travel agency, Travel Kerri may be able to help you plan your vacation even if you have already booked your vacation, or if you will be using a time share/vacation home. Please email Kerri for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

I do not live near the Travel Kerri office and my schedule doesn't allow me to be available during standard business hours. Can I still use your services?
Yes, of course! While I offer in person travel consulting, one of the best things about working with Travel Kerri is that everything can be done over the phone, and online through emails and private messaging. I worked retail manager hours for half of my life and can definitely relate to having difficulty working with other companies. While I have set hours that I am always available during, I am more than willing to make myself available by appointment as needed.